Crowdfunding for Web Publishers

Integrate crowdfunding directly into your website with Publir Fundraisers. Harness your most passionate followers and enable them to support your content with one-click payments.

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Diversify Revenue and Strengthen Support Through Fundraising

Nothing speaks louder than direct support from readers–and nothing adds diversity and sustainability to content businesses on the web than a direct financial relationship with fans. With Publir Fundraisers, your most dedicated users have a way to strengthen your voice and become a part of your mission. Produce more videos, stream more frequently, engage additional writers–your fans can share in your business goals with easy-to-use, embedded fundraising widget from Publir.

Receive additional funding for your work–and give your users a sense of community–using Publir’s powerful monetization tools. Get started with Publir Fundraisers today.

Ongoing Fundraiser

Goal-based Fundraiser

Getting Started is Easy

1. Create

Using Publir’s widget builder, construct and customize your Fundraiser integration. Specify a fundraising goal, donation levels, and link your bank account. Write custom marketing text to tell your users about the goals for the funds.

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2. Generate Code

Enable your Biggest Fans to Sponsor Your Mission in a Whole New Year. Gain Independent Revenue and Editorial Freedom with Publir Fundraisers.


3. Place Code on Site

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4. Track Contributions

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